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Professional Development

FCMAT is charged through EC §42127.8 to provide and facilitate training on fiscal accountability and related topics to members of governing boards, district and county superintendents, school business officials and related staffs, and school site personnel. FCMAT training services emphasize efforts to improve fiscal accountability and improve the fiscal competency and knowledge of staff through staff development seminars, software development, publications, and teleconferences for the educational community. These services and products are based on FCMAT’s work in the field and collaborative work with state professional associations, private organizations and other public agencies. Whenever possible, FCMAT endeavors to provide professional development support through the 11 county service regions to ensure county office of education and school district staff develop the technical skills necessary to perform their fiduciary duties.

Since 1996, FCMAT has served countless school business personnel throughout the state. AB1200 oversight measures coupled with the staff development training have significantly improved the fiscal oversight capabilities of California’s administrative and support staffs.

For information about FCMAT's professional development offerings, please contact FCMAT at (661) 636-4611.

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