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FCMAT Predictors of School Agencies Needing Intervention

The following 11 conditions represent those school agency problems most commonly encountered by the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT). The presence of any one condition is not necessarily an indication of a school agency in trouble. Unavoidable short-term situations such as key administrative vacancies can result in brief and acceptable periods of exposure to one or more of the following conditions. Exceeding acceptable limits of exposure in one or more of the following conditions is often the blueprint for districts nearing or presently in a crisis situation.

 1. Ineffective Leadership

A. Governance crisis
B. Staff, parent, and student exodus
C. Recruiting difficult
D. Board micromanagement
E. Unions and special interest groups managing boards
F. Ineffective or no supervision
G. Litigation against district

 7. Ineffective Management Information Systems

A. Limited access to timely personnel, payroll, and budget control data and reports
B. Inadequate attention to system life cycles
C. Inadequate communications systems

 2. Ineffective Communication

A. Staff unrest and morale issues
B. Absence of communication to educational community
C. Lack of interagency cooperation
D. Breakdown of systems

 8. Inattention to Categorical Programs

A. General fund encroachment
B. Lack of regular monitoring
C. Illegal expenditures
D. Failure to file claims

 3. Collapse of Infrastructure

A. Unhealthful and unsafe facilities and sites
B. Deferred maintenance neglected
C. Low Budget Priority
D. Local and state citations ignored
E. No long-range plan for facility maintenance

 9. Substantial Long-Term Debt Commitments

A. Employee and retiree benefits
B. Certificates of participation
C. New construction projects
D. Expiring parcel taxes dedicated to ongoing costs

 4. Inadequate Budget Development

A. Failure to recognize year-to-year trends
B. Flawed ADA projections
C. Failure to maintain reserves
D. Salary and benefits in unrealistic proportions
E. Insufficient consideration of long-term
bargaining agreement effects
F. Flawed multi-year projections
G. Identifying true cost of Class Size Reduction

 10. Human Resource Crisis

A. Burnout from 60-65 hour weeks
B. Shortage of staff (administrators, teachers, support, and board)
C. Teachers and support staff working out of assignment
D. Students/classrooms without teachers
E. Administrators coping with daily crisis intervention
F. Inadequate staff development

 5. Limited Budget Monitoring

A. Neglecting to reconcile ledgers
B. Poor cash flow analysis and reconciliation
C. Inadequate business systems and controls
D. Inattention to COE data
E. Failure to review management control reports
F. Bargaining agreements beyond COLA
G. Lawsuit settlements

 11. Related Issues of Concern

A. Local and state audit exceptions
B. Instructional bankruptcy
C. Privatization of public schools
D. Community misperceptions leading to less public support for public schools
E. Inadequate community participation and communication

 6. Poor Position Control

A. Identification of each position missing
B. Unauthorized hiring
C. Budget development process affected
D. No integration of position control with payroll


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