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The Student Centered Funding Formula (SCFF) Calculator has been produced based on the information that is currently available to the development working group, FCMAT and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO).

While the state transitions to the SCFF, it is likely that there will be additional changes in policy and in the fiscal application of the law that will affect the function of the Calculator. This, in turn, will impact budget development and fiscal projections at community college districts. As those changes become available, FCMAT will revise the Calculator and provide the field with updates using this webpage and the SCFF Announcements email list.

The SCFF Calculator, Online Help Desk, and other related links are accessible below. The Online Help link provides access to FCMAT’s free online help desk, created to assist in providing committed support to users related to questions pertaining to the use of the SCFF Calculator.

Thank you to Cambridge West Partnership, LLC (CW/P) and the administration and staff of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office for their support and work in the development of the SCFF Calculator.

Student Centered Funding Formula Resources


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Additional Resources

Student Centered Funding Formula

SCFF resources available from the state agency responsible for allocating SCFF funding

Apportionment Reports

Certified apportionment documents

Data Mart

Datamart answers the questions posed by administrators, educators, parents, students, state leadership, and professional organizations by providing information on students, courses, student services, outcomes and faculty and staff.


Current Version: v20.3b

February 3, 2020

Important note: This version is primarily based on formulas contained in the 2018-19 P2 certification except where otherwise specified below. Revised formulas contained in the 2018-19 R1 and 2019-20 P1 will be incorporated in v21.1, tentatively scheduled for a March/April release. Calculations developed with v20.3b can be used to develop an initial estimate, but results should be updated with v21.1 before local budget adoption.

Updates in this version:

  • Appended additional columns to support 2020-21 five-year projections
  • Modified the 2019-20 success metrics calculation to align with the new three-year average methodology.
  • Removed prefilled values for data points with updated definitions.
  • Updated the statutory COLA based on 2020-21 Governor's Budget Proposal

19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23
Statutory COLA 3.26% 2.29% 2.71% 2.82%

Prior Versions:

July 3, 2019, v20.2

  • Updated prefilled 2018-19 data to Chancellor's Office P-2 certification