Board of Directors

Overseeing the establishment of policies for the team is the FCMAT Board of Directors. The board is comprised of one county superintendent and one district superintendent from each of the state’s 11 service regions, the Chancellor of the Community College or his or her designee, and one member of a community college district governing board chosen by the chancellor. The board also includes a representative of the California Department of Education (CDE), California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), and the charter school community.

County Superintendents

Brock Falkenberg (Term Expires: 12/31/20)
North Coast – Region 1
Supt., Lake COE

Tracey L. Quarne (Term Expires: 12/31/21)
Northeastern – Region 2
Supt., Glenn COE

Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, Chair (Term Expires: 12/31/20)
Capitol – Region 3
Supt., Placer COE

Mary Jane Burke (Term Expires: 12/31/21)
Bay – Region 4
Supt., Marin COE

MaryAnn Dewan (Term Expires: 12/31/20)
South Bay – Region 5
Supt., Santa Clara COE

Scott O. Nanik (Term Expires: 12/31/21)
Delta Sierra – Region 6
Supt., Calaveras COE

Cecilia A. Massetti (Term Expires: 12/31/20)
Central Valley – Region 7
Supt., Madera COE

Susan Salcido (Term Expires: 12/31/21)
Costa Del Sur – Region 8
Supt., Santa Barbara CEO

Paul Gothold (Term Expires: 12/31/20)
Southern – Region 9
Supt., San Diego COE

Judy D. White (Term Expires: 12/31/20)
RIMS – Region 10
Supt., Riverside COE

Debra Duardo, Vice Chair
Los Angeles – Region 11
Supt., Los Angeles COE

District Superintendents

Debra Kubin (Term Expires: 01/01/21)
North Coast – Region 1
Supt., Ukiah USD

Kelly Staley (Term Expires: 01/01/21)
Northeastern – Region 2
Supt., Chico USD

Troy Miller (Term Expires: 01/01/23)
Capitol – Region 3
Supt., Arcohe UESD

Vincent Matthews (Term Expires: 01/01/23)
Bay – Region 4
Supt., San Francisco USD

Nancy Albarran (Term Expires: 01/01/21)
South Bay – Region 5
Supt., San Jose USD

Scott Siegel (Term Expires: 01/01/21)
Delta Sierra – Region 6
Supt., Ceres USD

Wesley Sever (Term Expires: 01/01/22)
Central Valley – Region 7
Supt., Kingsburg ESD

Harry Ervin (Term Expires: 01/01/22)
Costa Del Sur – Region 8
Supt., Bakersfield City ESD

Cindy Marten (Term Expires: 01/01/22)
Southern – Region 9
Supt., San Diego USD

Elliott Duchon (Term Expires: 01/01/23)
RIMS – Region 10
Supt., Jurupa USD

Michele Bowers (Term Expires: 01/01/22)
Los Angeles – Region 11
Supt., Lancaster ESD

Community Colleges

Lizette Navarette
Vice Chancellor
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

Ann Ransford (Term Expires: 01/01/22)
Glendale Community College District

CDE Representative

Lisa Constancio
Deputy Superintendent of the Operations and Administration Branch
California Department of Education

Charter Schools Representative

Cindy L. Petersen (Term Expires: 12/31/20)
Superintendent / CEO
Gateway Community Charters

CCEE Representative

Tom Armelino (Term Expires: 12/31/22)
Executive Director
California Collaborative for Educational Excellence

FCMAT Representative

Michael H. Fine
Chief Executive Officer
Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team

KCSOS Representative

Mary C. Barlow
Superintendent / Administrative Agent
Kern County Superintendent of Schools


Upcoming Board Meetings

*FCMAT board meetings are held at the same location and in conjunction with CCSESA quarterly meetings.

October 4, 2020 – Virtual Meeting

January 27, 2021 – Virtual Meeting

April 18, 2021 – San Diego County - Hilton San Diego Resort

June 20, 2021 – Los Angeles County - Mondrian Los Angeles, West Hollywood

October 24, 2021 – Alameda County - Claremont Hotel

Board Members and Bylaws