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CBO Coaching and Induction Program

FCMAT is proud to announce its new CBO Coaching and Induction Program scheduled to start in July 2022. This program was developed after years of input from the field of the need to provide more in-depth support for CBOs in their first and second year of service and receiving many requests from local educational agencies (LEAs) for names of potential coaches for their new chief business officials (CBOs). The first year of the CBO Coaching and Induction Program will be limited to 20 participants, growing to approximately 25 participants in subsequent years. New CBOs, that is, those who are in their first or second year, will receive extensive training on selected topics related to their role and responsibilities in the new position during a 12-month period. More information, including applications for participants, will be available in early 2022.

Because FCMAT’s efforts will be focused on launching the new CBO Coaching and Induction Program, the team will take a one-year break from its current CBO Mentor Program. The next application period for CBO Mentor Program, Cohort 19, will begin in fall 2022.


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