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FCMAT Email List Policies and Indemnification

FCMAT hosts various email lists to enhance communication among education administrators, staff members and professionals in related fields. The email lists are tools used by members to share information easily via email. When using a FCMAT email list, members should remember the following:

  • Messages are not confidential, so good judgment should be used regarding message content.
  • Any responses received are not intended to provide legal advice.
  • Messages can and may be forwarded to individuals who are not subscribed to the email list.
  • Some subjects may not be appropriate for posting on an email list, such as messages containing detailed information regarding specific individuals or situations.
  • Use the email lists to gather general information, or if necessary, present hypothetical situations for feedback.
  • Some of the potential risks of email list usage could include violation of the data practices act for releasing nonpublic data, defamation claims, and waiver of the attorney/client privilege.
  • Members agree to indemnify FCMAT against the potential risks identified above and any allegations of copyright and/or trademark infringement.
  • Members assume for themselves, to the fullest extent permitted by law, expenses and damages in connection with claims against FCMAT staff in connection with FCMAT efforts to host and maintain the email lists.

Members will not use the FCMAT email lists for:

  • Posting any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, illegal or nonpublic material.
  • Posting any materials protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.
  • Solicitation or advertising based on political parties or affiliations.

  • Posting jokes and/or entertainment-type messages.

Community Email Lists

FCMAT community email lists are intended to serve as a means of communication between like professionals. To promote confidentiality and a candid exchange of information, FCMAT limits participation in the following communities to individuals holding the position or performing the function indicated in the email list title. Individuals who serve in several roles may subscribe to several email lists; however, registration for each email list is limited to one professional per school district or county office of education.

As part of registering for and participating on an email list, you agree to the the FCMAT email list policies and indemnification listed below. 

Subscribe/Unsubscribe (to community email lists)

Request Type (select one)*

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To select multiple lists, hold the Ctrl key down and click on the lists you would like to be added to.

Upon submitting your subscribe request, your information will be reviewed. If you meet the requirements and there is not a professional from your organization already subscribed, you will be notified when you have been added to the email list. If you encountered an error when attempting to subscribe, please submit a Help Desk Request form.

Announcement Mailing Lists

FCMAT maintains announcement email lists to communicate to parties interested in California education news and updates to software and other tools. Subscription to these email lists is open, and anyone can register. To receive news and updates for the following FCMAT services, click the appropriate button below to subscribe.

General Announcements (New)

FCMAT will post Alerts, new software, updates to existing tools and software, and other news as it is released.

K12 News

FCMAT provides links to California K-12 news stories as a service to the industry. However, some stories may not be accessible because of newspapers’ subscription policies.

LCFF Calculator Announcements

FCMAT will post information related to the Local Control Funding Formula Calculator, which is updated based on the most recent information available to the development working group, FCMAT and its colleagues in the California Department of Education.

Projection-Pro Announcements

FCMAT will post information specific to Projection-Pro, a multiyear and cash flow projection software that can be used by multiple types of local educational agencies, including school districts, charter schools and county offices.