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FCMAT has developed Projection-Pro in collaboration with California School Information Services (CSIS), a service of FCMAT. Projection-Pro is a multiyear and cash flow projection software that can be used by multiple types of local educational agencies (LEAs), including school districts, charter schools and county offices. The software is provided for use by LEAs at no cost as part of FCMAT’s mission to LEAs fulfill their financial and management responsibilities.

The software is designed to build a foundational multiyear and cash flow projection based on best practices and statewide assumptions. The projection created by the software will contain many elements of a quality projection. LEAs will then customize the projection with local information to produce a complete projection. The results can be used by LEAs in preparing budgets, interim reports, and year-end financial reports.

Projection-Pro expands beyond the functionality of FCMAT’s prior multiyear projection and cash flow software, Budget Explorer. Along with a complete navigation revamp, improvements include:

  • Ability to work by resource or major object category
  • Automated indirect calculation
  • Enhanced contribution and balancing functionality
  • New other commitment and assignment expenditure alignment
  • Optional charter school alternative reporting format



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