Fiscal Tools

Fiscally Accountable/Independent Risk Analysis

The Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) has developed the Fiscally Accountable/Independent Risk Analysis to assist county superintendents of schools in determining whether fiscally accountable or independent school districts, as defined by Education Code (EC) Sections 42647 and 42650, have the internal controls required to maintain their fiscally accountable or independent statuses. 

County superintendents should conduct this analysis at least annually to ensure ongoing compliance. A lack of adequate controls may indicate the need for possible revocation of the fiscally accountable or independent status.

Fiscally accountable school districts and independent school districts should continually monitor their accounting controls to ensure ongoing compliance with the requirements specified in EC Sections 42647 and 42650.


The Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team’s (FCMAT’s) primary mission is to help California’s local TK-14 educational agencies identify, prevent and resolve financial, operational and data management challenges by providing management assistance and professional learning opportunities.

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