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FCMAT provides links to California K-12 news stories as a service to the industry. However, some stories may not be accessible because of newspapers' subscription policies.

Date published Sep 20, 2019

Senior Montebello school officials misled investors about serious financial and management problems in the district when they marketed $100 million in school construction bonds, federal investigators said in charges announced Thursday.

Date published Sep 20, 2019

As of September 9, about a quarter of California schools now report detectable levels of lead in school drinking water but it appears many schools in our area still haven’t submitted the results.

Date published Sep 20, 2019

Fresno Unified trustees on Wednesday night discussed adopting two new bylaws that would set the way censures are handled.

Date published Sep 20, 2019

Students found locked classrooms at lunch Thursday at Arcata High School and will continue to do so. Certificated staff members agreed to a restricted work policy after the most recent union meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Teachers will work only contractual hours until the current salary and benefit negotiations are completed.

Date published Sep 20, 2019

Two days after schoolyard punches by two 13-year-olds hospitalized a classmate Monday, Sept. 16, there were few answers but many emotions. Parents demanded action on a campus where six months ago sheriff’s deputies fired pepper balls to stop a fight involving 50 students.

Date published Sep 20, 2019

Parents have pressured some Bay Area school districts to excuse kids to attend a youth climate rally Friday. The march has sparked debate about whether Bay Area schools should sanction student involvement in Friday’s march or keep kids in the classroom.



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