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Charter School Annual Oversight Checklist

The primary focus of the Charter School Annual Oversight Checklist is to provide charter authorizing agencies and charter schools with a tool to help determine whether adequate management controls are in place for the school’s operations, and whether the charter school is meeting the requirements of its petition and the memorandum of understanding between it and the authorizing agency.

FCMAT has developed the checklist to assist local educational agencies and the charter schools they authorize in addressing their annual oversight responsibilities. The checklist includes criteria based on best practices for operation and oversight that can help users evaluate areas in which an authorized charter school is either operating effectively or may need support. It is intended to serve as a helpful communication tool, as an initial tool in outlining some of the key issues that both charter schools and authorizers should consider, and as an internal oversight review document. The checklist is not an exhaustive list of necessary charter school operations and tasks; rather, it is designed to provide an objective overview of the effectiveness of a charter school’s operations.


The Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team’s (FCMAT’s) primary mission is to help California’s local TK-14 educational agencies identify, prevent and resolve financial, operational and data management challenges by providing management assistance and professional learning opportunities.

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